Video Walls

Are you thinking of adding or upgrading a video wall? You have landed on the right page!

AV-Worx has extensive knowledge and experience in the most current technology available. And since you are reading this you are probably currently looking for integrators to help you with information on just what goes into the design and implementation of a video wall. We are the perfect partner for you in this search.

Video walls are a great way to present, in real time, a wealth of information from all types of content. Your most important decisions will be to select the video wall controller (hardware and software that drives the processing of the video wall) plus the displays you wish to use.

We want to invite you personally to our facility, where you can see first-hand design concepts and material for the most advanced video wall processors available on the market. We will be happy to assist you in deciding the precise content that you will display on your new video wall, as well as how this content will be transcoded through the video wall processors.

If you plan to build or retrofit an existing video wall, AV-Worx is the right place for this discussion. We will be happy to help you make some very important decisions that will help your process become a true success.

We are an absolute turn-key integration company that will help you and your project become a shining success in front of your staff members. By “turn-key”, we mean that we take your project from concept to design, to include; Engineering; Schematics, Permitting, Procurement, Implementation, Post On-site Maintenance and positive continuing support.

Call us today to gain access to the true benefits of dealing with a responsive and experienced team of professionals. If you’re interested in a new or existing video wall solution please give us a call for your free consultation.

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