Unified Communications

AV-Worx® solutions facilitate the sharing of knowledge across geographies and industries. Our process anticipates and eliminates the headaches that hinder adoption of new systems and technologies. When people work in a space that makes it easy to not just think but, create and connect, it fosters efficiency in your organization.

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Any environment that is crucial to the success of your operation is how we define a mission-critical space. Most organizations prefer to call these Command and Control Centers. Regardless, these environments require the most reliable technology along with the most detailed designs. AV-Worx® continues to have great success in designing, building and commissioning mission critical solutions.

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Advanced Visualization

The world today is largely driven by what can be seen and heard. We believe the best way to stand out from the rest is to present your content with excellence. Video walls placed strategically at your facility enable the display of content and information to make your clients take notice.

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Digital Signage

Getting your message across to the masses is important. AV-Worx® simplifies the process. We assist your team with selecting, implementing and supporting those solutions for digital signage. We have designed both the sublime and engineered complex, turn-key solutions that reduce the strain and stress of implementing solutions within your organization.

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Live Venue

The success of your facility is directly linked to the guest experience. In order to enhance that guest experience, you must create an aesthetically attractive, inviting, and exciting environment. AV-Worx® can help you craft a modern-day solution that will create a memorable atmosphere that customers expect and demand.

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System Integration

Controlling complex solutions… well that’s easy! At AV-Worx® we know a thing or two about making it simple. Keeping your systems operation in one or more locations and controlling them with ease of use.

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