COVID-19 The New Hybrid Office

Our partnership with Barco has become much greater over the past few years and Barco has asked AV-Worx to join their team and become a certified Barco Clickshare conference integrator. We have been working on this solution for the past several months and we are finally ready to demo this solution for you and your team.


How does it work?

We are rolling out our new "touchless conference room" solutions. The new solution can be for new conference rooms or can make use of existing technology. Both solutions enable end-users of the conference room to walk in to a conference room and start using the Audio Visual system without the need to touch a remote control. When someone walks into the room, the display turns on and is ready for the participant to start sharing content. The participant will be able to wirelessly present content to the display and make use of the mic and camera without connecting any wires. Once the conference ends and the room no longer in use after 10 minutes the technology automatically turns off.

COVID-19 Touchless feature:

Our solution includes the installation of an occupancy sensor and programmable processor which will automate the room to power on the display, set the volume level, and set the input to the correct content sharing source. The solution includes a new Barco Clickshare Conference unit that integrates with a camera and microphone. Not only does the touchless solution allow end-users to share content wirelessly to the display, it also allows participants to share content over video conferencing and use a room Microphone and camera connected to the conference room display.

Barco Clickshare Conference:

The new Barco Clickshare Conference series hardware allows us to connect a camera and microphone to the base unit so that when end users connect using a Clickshare button the camera and mic become seamlessly integrated and allow end-users to utilize the two for Video conferencing. This solution works with MS Teams, Cisco Webex, Zoom, and many other solutions.


The Clickshare conference unit is a BYOD solution that will allow your company to move forward with any conferencing software you choose such as Webex and Microsoft Teams. It is completely dependent on the participant’s laptop and the video conference software they choose and does not require a network connection. *Network only required if the participant wants to take advantage of the Clickshare application.

Next Steps:

If you're ready for a simple conferencing solution, then you have come to the right place. Please contact us for a free 30-minute webinar to discuss your new conference room technology.

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